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The core of this game is a 'possession' mechanic. The player is able to take control of enemy for a short time, allowing them to engage in combat using that enemies body as a temporary host.

The goal of the The Wisp is to obtain the 3 keys hidden in the level and then find the exit door before running out of health. Possessing an enemy stalls the loss of health and restores a small amount over time whilst stealthier traversal. Each level is procedurally generated from hand crafted room modules which have weighted spawns within them to create varied content within set parameters.

The game's current state still requires tuning of the AI, level generation and room design to refine the experience, however we believe there is some interest in the core mechanic and some merit in exploring further interactions and dynamics within the games architecture.

Download the zipfile and extract
Run the unity .exe file

Xbox 360/ Xbox One controller highly recommended


LS - move
RS - aim, select target
LT - Hold to possess target
RT - shoot weapon

Install instructions

download zip and extract.

Ensure xbox controller is attached prioir to running the unity executable


The Wisp Build (09_12_2016).zip 33 MB

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